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Linux VS Windows Hosting

There are a number of factors that influence a webmaster to opt for an operating platform in a bid to get the best desired results in their aspiration to achieve top rankings for their websites. With this in mind, there have been a number of features in which certain applications require only specific systems to work with. While this can sound quite simple to understand, the fact of the matter is that it requires a deal of dedication to understand the vital aspects of this technicality which will help webmasters make their ultimatum decision in choosing a good web server platform. The biggest question in this regard has to go through the ordeal of opting for a Windows operating system or a Linux system which would be in accordance with the requirements of the end user.

Opting for the best web hosting provider can be a daunting task for a webmaster that is stormed with competitive offers from a wide array of hosting solution companies. Furthermore electing the correct platform of an operating system can become a pain in the neck. While there are only two operating platforms to elect from, Windows and Linux, it can yet become a decisive factor in opting for the right features as they are stated in their hosting reviews. Windows hosting in this regard has been one of the best web hosting solutions for the experienced webmaster.

As most talented webmasters opt for the Windows OS for hosting their websites, they elect this platform only for the specific purpose that the Win OS can support ASP scripts. ASP is a universal coding language that is made available exclusively for the Windows servers. While it supports every other aspect of XML, HTML, CGI, PHP and SQL, it must be noted that all the work needs to be coded. Unlike the Linux operating system where everything is automated, the Windows interface requires manual input and it can become one of the most daunting tasks particularly with its coding. Configuration on the other hand is much simpler and easy compared to the Linux OS. While many inexperienced webmasters opt for the Linux OS, it remains to be noted that for in-depth webmasters, the best web hosting solution is that on the Windows platform.

One drawback of the Windows OS is its security issues as compared to Linux. Security is one of the biggest concerns for most webmasters particularly those operating eCommerce businesses. If one seeks to procure a Windows Server, it is best recommended that they read up a few hosting reviews which explain the need of SSL certificates to add privacy and security.

The most formidable assets that the Linux operating system has is its well recognizable open source platform which makes it the best web hosting solution there is. The open source code is preferably the best in the market today due to the reason that webmasters cab tweak and experiment with their work in a compete safe and secure environment. The best feature about the open source code of the Linux hosting solution is that it is completely free. Hence it has seen better results. Besides, it is perfectly compatible with SQL and PHP. Hosting reviews have shown that Linux systems are also completely compatible with all CGI scripts and can easily transfer files via FTP in .js or .html formats. On the whole, due to its free interface of open source code and its dynamic accessibility to support database tables such as Oracle, Generic ODBC and Sybase, Linux has seen to have a plethora of advantages which makes it the best web hosting platform around.