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What is a C Class IP?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address in simple terms is the identification that has been provided to your computer. This IP address is what allows your computer to become part of the wide internet.

By now, chances are that you have heard about the term C Class IP or Class C IP hosting. This term is usually used in association with SEO hosting. But in case you do not know anything about c class IP addresses, then the following information is important for you.

An IP address typically looks like this:

The regular accepted of an IP is: AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD

The IP addresses contains 4 blocks: A, B, C, D denoted in the above example.

Hence in the IP

A Block: 6
B Block: 6.125
C Block: 6.125.94

In the world of SEO Hosting, Class C IP hosting is extremely popular as it can help to ensure that your websites are located on different C Classes.

This example should help explain to you better: and are SAME CLASS C IPs and are DIFFERENT CLASS C IPs are DIFFERENT CLASS C IPs

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